Posted by: etwinningcomeniusproject | March 6, 2012

Šeimos, su kuriomis gyvenome

I lived with Lovisa‘s family, they were very friendly to me. Lovisa has got only one sister Ellinor, but she has got even five lizards because her family is allergic to pets who are furry. One lizard was in my bedroom,her name is Astrid. Lovisa plays the guitar and her sister plays in the orchestra. (Agnė)

My host  friend’s  family is very friendly.  They  met me very nice,I was introduced to all family even  Sanna’s  grandfather. There were two kids, parents and my friend Sanna in the family. They have one dog and a few cats. Sanna’s dad is very good cooker and he like joking. (Laura)

I have lived with Ella and her mother Asa. Ella is 16 years old. She also has got younger sister Vera (13 years old) and older sister Hanna. She has got a dog whose name is Sapha. He’s 5 years old.  Ella’s family is very friendly and funny .:) (Auguste)

I had a few days stay in Josefines Berg‘s family. Her family treated me very kindly. She lives with his mum and his brother. Mother is very pleasant and careful. Josefine‘s brother is funny and friendly. She is easy-going, nice,careful and very sweet girl. (Aušrinė)

I lived in Emma‘s house. Her familly is very friendly. Emma has got a younger brother Dennis. He is very funny. Also Emma has got a dog Max, which is very nice. I enjoyed staying in her house, that was very very fun. I hope we will meet again. (Aistė)

I lived with Emma Jorland. She is 15 years old. She has blue eyes and lives in Dalby, Sweden. She has a mother, two brothers, a cat and a dog. She goes to Nyvangskolan school, it is very colse to her house. I think she is very friendly and a sweet girl. In her free time she likes hanging out with her friends. (Greta)

I lived with Sofia and her family. She was very friendly and funny. She has got three very cute cats. Sofia has got an older sister Paulina. We had a chance to see and touch horses near Sofia’s house. Sofia‘s house is very cool. (Paula)

I lived in Ville‘s house. In his family there are five people: Ville, his mom, dad, little brother, big brother and big sister. His mom Tina is very friendly and kind she isn‘t in a picture because she wasn‘t at home when I took a picture. His dad Jan is a teacher  he is friendly too. I don‘t talk much with his brothers only greeted, but I think they are like Ville funny and easy-going. His  house was nice and big. Ville is really good friend. He always asks my opinion. I liked Ledje family…. I  also lived in Ville‘s house with a Catalonian Joan. So that‘s all about my hosting family. (Aidas)


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