Apie mus

The project ” Addressing the Energy Crunch – Every Little Action Counts “ aims to raise awareness among students, staff, parents and the wider community of the need for proactive behaviour in energy conservation within the framework of international measures for protecting the environment. It seeks to educate, promote proactive behaviour and initiate practical steps to make a positive, measurable difference to our school environments and our local communities.mOn the basis of a needs analysis, we will design a syllabus with practical lessons and activities on energy conservation and energy-efficient behaviour. These activities will enable schools to adopt environmentally friendly practices that will be disseminated to a wider community to promote individual and collective responsibility for caring and preserving the environment.
Countries participants are Spain, Lithuania and Sweden ( IES JAUME CALLIS, Marijampolės Petro Armino pagrindinė mokykla, Nyvångskolan, Dalby.)
Vic is located in the hinterland of Catalonia, 69 km from Barcelona, 100 from the French border. The population is of
middle and low-middle economic level. It has over 38,000 inhabitants. The immigration rate of the city is high, around 25%
mainly from North Africa and South America.
Many of the students in the school come from Vic and small neighbouring villages. It has approximately 750 students, aged
from 12 to 18 years and 67 teachers. It caters from all types of students and its main aim is to be an “inclusive school”,
where all students cand have the same opportunities. It has a high rate of immigrants (25%) and if offers a “Aula
d’acollida” (a new commers programme designed for those students who are not Catalan speakers). The school also
provides with 2 classes (8th and 9th grade) for students with special needs who follow a special curriculum, who work with
psychopedagogical teachers . The school has also a “diversity attention program” for those students who follow a different
curricular project due to different learning needs
Marijampolė is an industrial city in the south of Lithuania bordering Poland and Russian Kaliningrad Oblast. The population
of Marijampolė is 48,700. Our school has about 45 teachers and 500 students ( aged from 6 to 16 years ) who are mainly
from Marijampolė and its neighbourhoods. We do not have immigrants but there are students with special needs and from
orphanage in every class and sometimes they confront with social exclusion due to their status or disruptive behaviour.The
Lithuanian school will act as ICT coordinator and develop a working group website.
Nyvångskolan is situated in a village, called Dalby, 10 km east of the university town Lund in the south of Sweden. There
are about 110 000 inhabitants in Lund and and in Dalby about 5500.
Nyvångskolan (our school) has been one of the largest schools in Sweden but now there are only 600 students aged from 6
to 16 years. Most pupils come from Dalby or its surrounding countryside. There are not so many immigrants in our school
but quite a few have one parent (or both), who has a different native language. All students in Sweden, who have a parent
who speaks a different mother tongue, have the right to be taught this language. Therefore we have some native language
teachers in e.g Arabic, Spanish, American, Danish, Dutch and more……We also have pupils with special needs, who are
taught in small groups in some of the basic subjects by a few remedial teachers.

Greetings from 8a and 8b for the meeting with Spanish students in Ocober


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