Step 3.

Part 1:
• Finish the survey this term if possible, Lithuanians do it again in the autumn with the new students. Finished by September 9.
• The students interview each other using Skype, twinspace, facebook etc in the second half of September. Pair them off in PB Works in new constellations. Finished on September 30
• Write a short report on the conversation on twinspace. Finished on September 30
Part 2:
• Measuring energy at home from Oct 10-16.
• Oct 17-23 the students and their families save energy and compare the result with their energy consumption the previous week.
• Write a reflection on how the percentage of the energy consumption decreased. What did your family do, is it possible to do for a longer time etc?
• Work at Maths with average, pie charts and so on.
• Share the reflection with a student from another country. (The comparison can be interesting for the press.) Did we agree upon how the reflection was going to be shared? Using mail, etwinning, Skype, facebook, also if we like it to be written or spoken.

• Two or three students per class make an audit at school, looking at where we are spending energy unnecessarily. Make a documentary from each school, show to headmasters, teachers
• Lyrics to a song. The melody can be from a known song, or made by a student or music teachers. Have a competition on what melody to use. Two or three stanzas per country on energy or taking care of the environment.
• Write a presentation about an institution or company in our vicinity acting more environmentally aware than others. A new exciting webtool like (Also interesting for the press?)
• Finished before Christmas
• Watch 11th hour or No Impact Man and have a videoconference on it
• Interview grandparents about the differences there are in recycling now and then.


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