Step 4

During this step students are going to:

1. Create and record songs
2.Perform plays:


1.Read the play (you can find the play in the file archive below)  together in class and do one or more of the tasks suggested:

    1. Name three ways to save energy mentioned in the play
    2. Write a letter to your parents /principal giving them suggestions on how they could reduce the electric and/ or utility bills
    3. Draw a picture cause/effect chart showing what happens in Prof. Dieseldore’s office

2 Lithuanian students play the parts of Fluorenzo & Prof. Dieseldore, 2 Catalans are Roni and Nevi and 2 Swedish Herman and Harry. They learn their parts and rehearse together           during the Meeting 5 in Sweden. Final performance in Sweden.( 28 Feb-3 March)



  1. In small groups, students write a script and perform the sketch on energy saving, renewable energies etc…
  2. Videotape them.

Deadline: April 2012

3. Design an ENERGY-EFFICIENT HOME (Catalan students in the art class)
4.Create a website for the final project product

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